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My name is
Sanna Sillanpää

I'm a passionate illustrator interested in mysticism of nature, sad girls and butterflies. Here you can read more about me and Shinie design.

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Shinie design

Shinie design is a project name for all the things I do. I draw, paint, and sell the products I design, print and craft by hand.

My dream is to grow this business to an international brand that sells lifestyle products beyond just paper products, and I also wish to do my illustrations for international clients.

I personally think that the best gift you can give to someone is something unique and different. That is why I believe that even though they say paper post is dying, a lot of people will still appreciate a nicely designed, fun and different products.

Sanna sillanpää

I am a graphic designer and an illustrator living in Vaasa, Finland. Since I was little I have been fascinated by art and design, and this passion has led me to a career in graphic design. After a few years of specializing in digital marketing and web design I decided it was finally time to chase my life-long dream of being a professional illustrator. I set up my own business and here we are!

I have a degree in visual arts and I am also a bachelor in Business administration. I am working on my master's thesis in Technical communications and marketing. In addition to all this studying I have worked as a graphic designer in a local agency for over five years. Now I design my own products, do illustrations and work as a graphic designer on the side.

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